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Bhutan is a mysterious and elusive country from the rest of the world. It is small and under populated country. The people of Bhutan are called Drukpas.

Exploring Bhutan, you imagine yourself catapulted hundreds of years back. This is enhanced by its’ people, hardly influenced by Western mass consumption and lifestyle. Instead they still wear their self-woven traditional outfits, leading a calm, simple and peaceful life.

Bhutan is a relatively egalitarian society where women enjoy equal rights with men in every respect. Because the kingdom is gender balanced, there never was any need for the upliftment of woman. They are actively involved in all ranges of Bhutan’s socio-economic development. The kingdom also never had a rigid class system.

One of Bhutan’s major secrets is the exact number of people living there. The United Nations have estimated that Bhutan is inhabited by about 2.1 million people, but there are also rates of no more than 810000 inhabitants.

Bhutan is comprised of a mosaic of different peoples who continue to live in valleys isolated from one another and the outside world by formidable mountain passes. Differing ethnic groups are also distributed according to the varying environments.