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Small Bhutan is one of the world’s poorest and least developed countries. In according to the United Nations’ development program, 26.2% of Bhutan’s population lives on less than 1.25 US dollar per day. Around 30% of the people live below poverty line. Several organisations have development aid programs to promote education and other projects in Bhutan. In other hand this development aid is also restricted by the Bhutan Royal government in order to protect the country’s traditional culture.

You will agree that Bhutan’s economy is mostly based on agriculture, which together with livestock keeping is the main source of livelihood for over 80% of the population. The country hardly knows real industry, except forestry and cottage building. Most of the consumer goods and essentials are imported and its major export goods are calcium carbides, cement, wood based products, minerals and horticulture products. You will bit surprise to know that hydroelectric power is Bhutan’s largest export product, yet 70% of the population doesn’t have electricity and depends on firewood for energy. Bhutan’s major trading partner is India. Bhutan exports about 90% to India, which is the country’s source for 70% imports. The kingdom also has a preferential trade agreement with Bangladesh. Besides hydroelectric power, tourism also brings a lot of money to the country.