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Bhutan Government & people believe that their fragile ecosystem has remained unspoiled due to their conservation efforts. Today 60% of the kingdom’s total area has been designated as protected nature preserves.

Categorically, Bhutan can be divided into three zones:

Alpine Zone (4000m and above) with no forest cover;

Temperate Zone (2000 to 4000m) with conifer or broad leaf forests;

Subtropical Zone (150m to 2000m) with Tropical or Subtropical vegetation.

Because of its wide attitudinal and climatic range, the flora and fauna is diverse and rich in Culture.

In addition, 57% of Bhutan’s globally threatened birds and 90% of the country’s restricted rare birds are dependent on forests. Bhutan has about 415 resident bird species. These inhabitant birds are attitudinal refugees, moving up and down the mountains depending upon the seasons and weather conditions. Of about 50 species of birds that migrate in winters are the buntings, waders and ducks, thrushes and the birds of prey. Some 40 species are partial migrants and they include species such as swifts, cuckoos, the bee-eaters, fly catchers and the warblers. Over 70% of Bhutan’s land area is still under forest cover. Many apart of the country have been declared as wildlife reserves and are natural habitats of rare species of both Flora and Fauna .

Bhutan is also home to about 16 bird species that are endangered worldwide. These include the White bellied heron, Pallas Fish eagle, Blyth’s King fisher to name a few. Phobjikha valley in Wangdue Phodrang and Bom-deling in TrashiYangtse are also two important places in Bhutan that is visited by the endangered Black Necked Crane.

As one of the ten global hot spots Bhutan is all set to preserve and protect the rich environment through environmental organizations.

Some of the proactive organizations are the:

National Environmental Commission
Royal society for protection of nature clubs throughout the country.
Department of Forestry Services.
Nature Conservation Department
Bhutan Trust Fund.
Donor Organization.
Association of Bhutan Tour Operators.